Friday, 16 September 2016

Conversation: Jiao Wey on CPF

"Nabe. Kong Jiao Wey, lah!"

"What are you reading?"

"That Tharman lah, he says younger Singaporeans who have enough savings can take 'controlled risks' - tok cock lah!"

"But that's not wrong advice - "

"This kind of advice my Ah Ma also can give! 'Take controlled risk' - like anyone will tell you to anyhow take risk, ah? And if you have enough savings, then what you worry? If you are young and have enough savings, you dem good already! No need gahmen to helpchyu. No need gahmen to give you jiao wey advice like 'take controlled risks'. The problem is people who don't have enough savings for their retirement - what is the gahmen going to do for them? Give them jiao wei advice?"

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Jiak Ba Buay

The govt produced a Hokkien info-drama series to reach out to the Hokkien-monolingual seniors to inform them of govt policies that would be beneficial to them (I believe the subject would be about Medishield). 

The comments on FB were generally along the lines of "Finally!" or "Why is it being aired at noon on Friday?"

Here is the music video promoting the series.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

In threes - Duterte, Brexit, and Trump?

First there was Duterte, a.k.a. "Trump of the East", winning the Philippine's Presidential election.

Then there's the Brexit vote. Led by a Trump clone (among others).

Are we going to see a President Trump?

Pundits reading the tea leaves think the results of the Brexit Referendum is bad news for Hillary Clinton:
As Brexit proves, working people around the world are in no mood for common sense. They are angry, restless, uncooperative.
And that means (if US voters are like UK voters) that the angry, restless, working people of the US is also in no mood for "common sense" (because "common sense" will only bring them more of the same, which for them so far, has been nothing.

And the US will vote in a President Trump in November.


Well, good and bad things comes in threes, it may well happen! Right?

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Singapore at 51

"Do you know the meaning behind our Singapore Flag?"

"You think I bo tak cheh issit? Of course I know lah!

"So you know the Red is for brotherhood, the White is for purity, the crescent moon is for a young nation, and the 5 stars represents the qualities in the pledge: Justice, Equality, Peace, Progress, and Democracy?"

"Wah liao! where you get your education? In my days, we were taught Red is for Sambal, White is for Coconut milk - two very important ingredient in Singapore food. The moon is in the shape of a "C" and the 5 stars are for the "5 Cs" - Career, Cash, Credit Card, Condo, and Country Club Membership!"

"Er... nobody talks about the '5Cs' anymore."

Monday, 25 July 2016

What's bothering the World, today?

We all have problems. Our problems always seem to be the biggest.

Here are today's problems, as seen on the Internet. By region/nations.

Problems, worries, questions in First World Countries:
1) In Germany, a bomb attack in Ansbach.
2) At the French Border, a 12-hour traffic jam after the French decided to beef up border security (after the Nice attack).
3) In the UK, people are asking, “are we really Brexiting?”

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Sui Pian

On 17 July, the PUB reported that Johor Water Dept had requested, on an urgent basis, that SG (through the PUB) provide an additional 6 million gallons of treated water per day for three days, staring from Sunday 17 July.

PUB obliged.

It was also reported that Singapore already provides on an on-going basis, 16 million gallons per day (mgd) of treated water to Johor. Under the 1962 water agreement, SG may draw up to 250 mgd of raw water from the Johor river and is obliged to provide treated water in return up to 2% of raw water drawn. So, 2% of 250 mgd, is 5 mgd. But we provide 16 mgd, at Johor's request.

Is that a problem? And why is Johor asking for more treated water than we are contractually obliged?